3D Tezcar #10 | V5MT

A lively new TezCar by V5MT.
Welcome to Team Tezos!

From the artist:
I had a lot of fun designing the texture for my TezCar! I used Procreate and was putting together a collage from straps of my works – renders, drawings, patterns and shapes – directly on the 3D model. My vision was that the car is all printed out with this chaotic, yet painterly composition, a mix of sporty swooshes, tribals, anime, some graffiti, with my favourite palette – dark blue + pink + yellow – all layered on the white background.
The track is part of the composition, with some pink spray paints.
My TezCar has definitely some girlish vibe and is more of a fantasy car than reality. The subtle realistic touches added by TezCars make it look more convincing.

V5MT TezCar is all ready for the Tez ride!


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